College of Pharmacy Unaizah

شعار جامعة القصيم
Makkah Newspaper conducted an interview  with Dr. Ahmed Al Maiman regarding irrational use of antibiotics in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Makkah newspaper conducted an interview with the Dean Dr Ahmed Al Maiman of Unaizah College of pharmacy located in Unaizah Affiliated to Qassim University During this intervew he highlighted ...More
Al Arabiya news channel highlights  Unaizah College of pharmacy participation in the National Conference on drug  addiction.
Al Arabia news channel recorded a television interview with Dr Ahmed Al Maiman the Dean of Unaizah College of Pharmacy and visiting ...More
College of Pharmacy Uniazha held a farewell ceremony in honor of visiting professor Rusli Ismail from Malaysia.
At the conclusion of the scientific program of the visiting Professor Rusli Ismail from Malaysia on Thursday February 20 2014 a ...More
Saudi media highlighted the participation of Unaizah College of Pharmacy in the 5th National Conference on Drug addiction in Riyadh.
Several Saudi Arabian media such as Aljazeera newspaper Aleqtesadiya Alshirq and Health Care magazine highlight the active participation ...More
College granted Scholarship to Omar Alkhazi to complete his higher education from United States.
The Training and Scholarship unit of Uniazha college of Pharmacy has celebrated a farewell program on 17 th February 2014 for teaching ...More
Team based learning workshop
A workshop entitled team based learning was organized by Unaizah college of pharmacy in collaboration with the college of medicine in Unaizah ...More
Dean Message
     In the name of Allah most gracious most merciful
All praise is due to Allah who has taught by the pen, who has taught man that which he knew not. Allah's peace and blessings be upon his final messenger, his pure family, his noble companions, and all those who follow them with righteousness until the Day of Judgment.
Under the auspices of great leadership, our country witnessed revolutionary improvement and social development in various fields with a marked progress in the field of healthcare and medical education....
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